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Just so you know...
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Check it out: SaveTheMoneyHoney.blogspot.com

If I had the funds, my ticket would be purchased already!!

Probably the best deal I've found yet!  :)

31st-Dec-2008 04:01 am - MOVING BACK...
So SAD to say... that I am moving BACK to:
You can catch me there if you'd like. Toodle Loo!

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30th-Dec-2008 10:45 pm - My GIRLS...
I have some of the greatest girlfriends in the world... and I can never say that enough.

Each one of them is so different from the others and every single one of them brings something special to the table and contribute to my life in some significant way.

My LADIES... all I can say is that girlfriends are important. If you've burnt bridges with some of the greatest women you've ever had in your life, then you're pretty much assed out.

I think its so funny how some girls can't seem to keep any girlfriends in their lives. It really makes you wonder WHY... doesn't it?

I have a few theories... but I'll save it for later. Night night time! :)

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30th-Dec-2008 02:46 pm - BLOGS
Been in a BLOG writing frenzy lately. Contemplating if I should move back over to blogger/blogspot. Not sure yet.

Check them out, peoples!
(ironic how someone so broke has such a title for her blog. lol)

(lol... not sure how long this one will last, but its mainly for my own entertainment purposes.
Compilation of things I want to keep at hand that is Khmer related. :P)

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29th-Dec-2008 03:16 pm - My Beloved Snowboots..
... that saved my life for the past week! 

If only I had these on on Christmas morning, I wouldn't still be sore from my fall at the moment.

Last week, I wore some high boots that were heeled... in the snow!  LOL!  The only flat boots I had weren't tall enough, but my heeled ones were, so I voted on the heels.  Little did I know that I would be slippin' and slidin' all over the place.

SO... my Sister and I went into Target and found these boots that I loooove!!
Fully SOFT Fleece lined!  I was so close to wearing them without socks, but that would be gross.  LOL!

Hehe... thats all I wanted to share!  :)

29th-Dec-2008 01:26 pm - Save The Money, Honey!!
Save The Money, Honey!


29th-Dec-2008 10:15 am - Its Hard...
You would think that I am used to it by now and that I wouldn't be complaining anymore... but I guess we're all wrong. I thought that I was getting stronger and the thought that he was so far away wasn't so hard to bare... but it is anything but that. The days seem to drag on a little bit longer and the countdown until the next time I get to see him is surprisingly standing still. There are times when I sit there and think of him... which causes me to miss him even more, and that would eventually turn into tears.

Being in a long distance relationship is hard work... it really does need extra patience, commitment, and again... patience. I'm the least patient person I know, so you can imagine how much harder this is all for me. There are people who are together at all times and then are apart from their other half for only a couple days and miss them like crazy. I don't blame them. I just sometimes wish I was in their shoes rather than mine.

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28th-Dec-2008 10:17 am - Only a FEW Christmas Pictures...
I'm sad I didn't whip out my camera for all the gift openings, but hopefully my Brother will be kind enough to share his camera so I can upload the ones from there since he and his Wife took all the pictures. Though, I did get to catch a few BEFORE and AFTERs. LOL!

Should have taken pictures when there were still some gifts left under and around there!

He was READY to leave the house (still snowing outside)... he didn't even need his pants!!

My Santa Baby Somara!!

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28th-Dec-2008 08:41 am - 2008... going on 2009
2008 had not been very nice to me. Okay fine... some great things did happen in '08 --
  • Vegas 2008
  • Lake Tahoe 2008
  • Lake Havasu 2008
  • Nara & Seung tied the knot
  • Jenn & Joe got engaged
  • Sam & I got engaged!!!
  • Reunited with some of the greatest friends a girl can ask for
  • Beautiful Baby Somara joined our family
  • Stronger bond between my Sisters and I
Other than that, not very many pretty things happened for me. Of course, there were those wonderful nights spent with my girlfriends just laughing so hard that we felt like we just finished a long ab workout session afterwards. Then, the days I'd spend shopping and eating all day with my Sister. And lastly, my many bubble baths. Okay it wasn't so bad afterall if I count the little things that made me smile throughout the year. :)

2009 will be THE year!! I'm getting married to the love of my life and will be making a HUGE move... first time I'll be residing anywhere outside of Washington. I'm nervous, but I couldn't be more excited either! I'm ready for changes and am slowly, but surely preparing myself for it all.

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